Mesmec’s management becomes majority shareholder – Press release 29/5/2017 at 10:00 am

Mesmec’s management becomes majority shareholder – aiming for significant growth

Turnkey supplier of food and process industry systems, Oy Mesmec Ab, has new owners. The company’s operating management has purchased the majority holding in a trade that was completed on 26th of May 2017. The second owner is Nordic capital investment company Wedeco. Mesmec, which is registered in Kokkola, has a strong market share domestically and its export share is growing. In a favourable market situation, the aim is to stimulate growth particularly in Nordic countries. Ahlskog, who was the majority shareholder, and small shareholders sold their entire holding of Mesmec.

Mesmec’s CEO Mats Strandvall and Deputy CEO Anders Asplund have strong confidence in growth. – The requirements concerning responsible and effective processing of raw materials have increased over the past few years, particularly in the food industry. The processing systems must enable complete traceability and cleanliness of the food products. On the other hand, efficiency is needed where automated systems are also safe for employees.

Mesmec’s business operations consist of production system deliveries to the food, feed and process industry, as well as the retail of equipment.

– The increased demand for turnkey system deliveries has opened us the opportunities for significant growth both domestically and in export markets. We will be able to utilise the expertise we have accumulated since 1989 in terms of responsibility and making our customers’ processes more effective with the latest technology.

Wedeco’s Chief Investment Officer, Sören Björkgård, finds the growth strategy to have excellent foundations. – Mesmec’s operating management and staff have a long and stable experience as well as top expertise even in very challenging deliveries. The customers are also some of the best in their industries. This creates a good starting point for growth, particularly in the Nordic countries. We will do our part to help in achieving growth. Acquisitions are also possible in the future.

Ahlskog’s Chairman of the Board, Ulrika Jansson, is also very satisfied with the trade.
– We had hoped for a long time that Strandvall and Asplund, who had managed Mesmec for many years, would purchase the company, because we then know it is in safe hands. We can now happily say that our wish came true. We give up our ownership in good spirits.

More information:

Mats Strandvall, CEO, Oy Mesmec Ab, +358 400 86 2694,
Anders Asplund, Deputy CEO, Oy Mesmec Ab, +358 50 505 0587,
Sören Björkgård, CIO, Oy Wedeco Ab, +358 50 512 1009,
Ulrika Jansson, Chairman of the Board, + 358 44 5082737,

Oy Mesmec Ab is a turnkey supplier of systems used in the food and process industry, which was founded in 1989. It is registered in Kokkola and the company currently employs nearly 40 people. More information at

Oy Wedeco Ab is a capital investor focusing on entrepreneur-oriented ownership arrangements which was founded in 1987. Wedeco operates as an owner and partner in established small- and medium-sized enterprises that are willing to and able to grow. Since being founded, Wedeco has operated as an owner in more than 80 companies. More information at

Oy Ahlskog Ab was founded in 1920. The company is a family business, which currently operates as a holding company in the real estate and rental industry. Oy Ahlskog Ab purchased the entire holding of Oy Mesmec Ab in 1997. It’s place of business is in Kokkola.