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Food Industry

Bilwinco A/S has been a market leader in the weighing and packaging industry since 1955. The company headquarters is in Skanderborg, Denmark, where development and custom-made solutions are built for customers worldwide. Bilwinco has supplied over 6000 multihead weighers worldwide and in Finland over 15 systems has been installed.

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Kittner Maschinen und Anlagenbau GmbH

Kittner, established 1994, employs over 50 professionals. The significant part of them works in product development. Customers of Kittner are mainly in food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The product range includes equipment for crates, containers and trolley handling. Their portofolio includes also washing and disinfecting equipment. In addition to the standard selection Kittner also tailors the equipment, taking into account the client’s requirements and circumstances.

Kittner products are known for their high quality and competitive prices! The devices have been designed according to safety, maintenance, and hygiene requirements.

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All K+G Wetter machines developed specially for the meat-processing industry have one thing in common: they are stable and indestructible, and offer thus long-lasting quality! These characteristics, which are known and recognized throughout Germany, Europe and the world, give products from K+G Wetter an unsurpassed price-performance ratio.

Additional information: K+G Wetter homepage

Anritsu is a Japanese high-tech company with roots back to 1895. Anritsu Infivis CO., LTD started manufacturing X-Ray scanners in 2000, and since then more than 10000 units have been delivered worldwide, with over 30 machines in Finland. Product development and manufacturing of Anritsu X-ray machines is centralized in Japan. A new European office in the Netherlands (Anritsu Infivis B.V.) has also been opened in autumn 2019.

Anritsu X-ray Equipment

X-ray technology identifies foreign objects such as metals, glass, bones and stones from your product. Simultaneously with the detection of foreign objects it is possible to check eg. product shape, missing products, and packaged product integrity.

The Anritsu XR75 Series offers solutions for both packaged and unpackaged products in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

The benefits of Anritsu’s Advanced Long Life Technology A.A.L.

– Longer X-ray transmitter and receiver life

– The low-energy X-ray generator produces less heat and therefore, in some environments, the separate cooling unit previously required is not needed. This allows up to 30% energy savings compared to previous ones.

– Total device operating costs are reduced by 20% compared to previous models

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