Waste water treatment

Process Industry

Handling of lime

Mesmec also makes systems for handling the lime and sludge in waste water treatment plants. Mesmec has over 25 years of experience in storing sludge, especially centrifuged sludge, and making unloading systems for it with a dry solid ranging 15 – 40 %. We have more than 30 reference plants in Finland and abroad, mainly in Estonia, Norway, Sweden and Brasil which shows the great experience we have. Project deliveries are carried out as total deliveries from design until they are handed over to the customer.

Handling of sludge

In the handling of centrifuged sludge it is important that the unloading system is able to unload very dry sludge (with up to 40% dry substance content). The unloading of sludge is done on a FIFO basis. The tightness and cleanliness of the system are important elements. It must be possible to track the filling level and unloading of storage silos in real time from the plant control system.

Handling of tertiary sludge