Process industry references

Torp Frys Ab

  • Hydraulic system
  • Triplemill
  • Silos for slaughter waste 4 pcs á 50000 L
  • Feedsilo
  • Electricity work and service

Alba Proteins Ltd

  • Plate freezing system with turnkey principle (filling, demolition, palletizing)

Rehuagria Oy

  • Cooking plant to Kannus, Finland with turnkey principle

Ab Rani Plast Oy

  • Steel structures, platforms, stairs and railings (Kaluga, Russia andTeerijärvi, Finland)

Envitop Oy

  • Sludge processing system with turnkey principle

Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab

  • Removable mistracking weighing system


  • Mixer, 850 L – 1600 L

Kaustisen Turkisrehu Oy

  • Bridge crane track
  • Plate freezing system
  • Maintenance and repair of cooker
  • Mixers, screw funnel
  • Mixing axel for pressure cooker

Mäntsälän kunta / Mäntsälän vesi

  • Sludge silo 60 m3 with turnkey principle

 Nyko Frys Oy Ab

  • Plate freezings systems
  • Repair of Dekanter
  • Maintenance


  • Bagging system to packing department with turnkey principle
  • Sectioning of packing department and other changes in plant
  • Vibration bottom and changes of screws DN300
  • Bagging system to chemicals
  • O-screw transportsystems


  • Limeslakers

Valga Lihatööstus

  • Treatment plant for slaughter waste

ST1 Biofuels

  • Receiving system for bread
  • Battermixers
  • Mixers 15000 L ja 18000 L
  • Silo 22000 L
  • Magnetic separation conveyor

Econet Oy

  • Kalksilos 2 pcs, 60 m3, with turnkey principle

Kavamet Oy

  • Levyrakenteisten osien KNP-valmistus

Alholmens Kraft

  • Maintenance and standstill
  • Hydraulic press
  • Mixing screws, ash screws, bark screws

Findest Protein

  • Flour handling system

KWH Plast Oy

  • Pipeline
  • Raw material transfer lines

Kokkola Power

  • Service and standstill