”The accuracy of dosing is one of the highest available.”

Silos for Processing of Raw Materials

Reduced manpower and easy-to-use
An easily operated, automatically controlled, tailor-made silo system that doesn’t need much oversight and staffing is crucial in a modern food factory.

In our silo systems, the raw material is crushed or ground and fed into the silo, fully controlled by the PLC. ln addition to a discharge screw conveyor, every silo is equipped with an agitator. The agitator secures an even product flow for the dosing when handling frozen raw materials.

Each silo is marked for a certain raw material, and the number of silos can be adjusted according to the customer’s requirements.

Different dosing features can be applied by placing weight cells under silos or discharge belt conveyors. Thanks to the design of the silo and the controlling possibilities of the dosing phase, the dosing accuracy in Mesmec’s silo systems is one of the best on the market.

The silo system can be constructed for both fresh and frozen products. Furthermore, the usage of silos for feeding the production line with different kinds of emulsions can be delivered upon request. You can fill the silos with a lifter, swing loader or screw conveyor.

Software controlling
The recipes for production and daily production planning are automatically transferred to the production via a computer. Every phase in the production line is stored in a report database. The 100% traceability of used raw materials allows operators to make detailed follow-ups at any time during production.

CIP cleaning system
There is a separate CIP cleaning center for cleaning the silo system. Each silo can be washed during normal production without any effect or danger to the product. The water from the cleaning is circulated back to the CIP cleaning center.

A filter separates dirt from the CIP cleaning. Mesmec’s CIP system gives you a significant advantage – the possibility to clean the silos anytime during any production phase in a safe and hygienic environment.

Silo Storage Systems

Storage and unloading of plastic granulate
Plastic granulate is usually stored in aluminium silos with a 200-250 m3 volume. Mesmec has made such major silo systems for the plastics industry for several years.

We offer comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for your silo storage, including dimensioning, design, commissioning, production and installation.

Our silos feature a measuring system that makes it easy to control the loading and unloading of the silos.