JTJ-Sales Oy becomes an affiliate of Oy Mesmec Ab

The holding company Oy WMA Invest Ab will strengthen the Group’s range of equipment for the food industry by acquiring the business operations of JTJ-Sales Oy of Helsinki. JTJ-Sales Oy will become an affiliate of Oy Mesmec Ab as a result of the acquisition. The business operations will be transferred to the Oy WMA Invest Ab Group on 15 October 2018. The group is domiciled in Kokkola, but JTJ-Sales Oy will continue to operate from its current premises in Helsinki.

The business acquisition is in line with the Group’s growth strategy. The aim is to provide more holistic services and products for the domestic food industry, while developing the technical support and maintenance functions of JTJ-Sales Oy’s strong brands. JTJ-Sales Oy’s expertise and product portfolio will also bring synergy benefits to the business operations of Oy Mesmec Ab.

JTJ-Sales Oy is a nationwide import company established in 1994. The company has strong expertise in supplying machinery, equipment and supplies to the slaughterhouse, meat processing, processed food and fish processing industries, as well as vegetable processing.

Following the business acquisition, the name JTJ-Sales will be transferred to the purchaser, while the new, future company will be known as Oy JTJ-Sales Ab. The acquired company’s three sales professionals will join the newly established company, with no changes to their employment terms. Operations will continue normally and the change will require no action from customers. The new company, Oy JTJ-Sales Ab, will handle the delivery and invoicing of products already ordered.

Oy WMA Invest Ab is a holding company established in 2017, owned by the private equity firm Oy Wedeco AB and the management of Oy Mesmec Ab. The company has two wholly owned subsidiaries, Oy Mesmec Ab and the newly founded Oy JTJ-Sales Ab.

Oy Mesmec Ab will continue its core business as a supplier of comprehensive raw materials processing systems for the food and process industry. The company will continue its equipment supplier operations as before.

Additional information:

Oy WMA Invest Ab / Oy Mesmec Ab

Mats Strandvall
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Anders Asplund
Senior Vice President
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JTJ-Sales Oy

Jukka Alanen
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Chairman of the Board
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