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Hygiene solutions designed by Mesmec encourage users to do it right

Mesmec designs hygiene solutions for companies of various sizes in the food industry. Our solutions are based on equipment manufactured by Kittner tailored according to the company’s size, the requirements and conditions of its production and its number of staff. Well designed hygiene solutions help to maintain an excellent level of hygiene in your production area whatever the situation, as well as freeing resources previously spent on supervision, and streamlining the flow of employees to and from the production area. 

“People walking in your production area are always a risk factor for hygiene. Everyone acts in a different way, even if the instructions are the same – and this increases the need for supervision. Our hygiene solutions and hygiene locks guide your employees to act in the right way and ensure that everyone who comes into the production area goes through the same procedure,” says Technical Sales Leader at Mesmec, Janne Engman

Boot washers and access control gates with a soap dispenser unit and hand sanitiser unit

We build our hygiene solutions to meet the customer’s needs. A hygiene lock can have, for example, two access control gates that guide the employee through to a soap dispenser unit for hand washing, a wash basin with a sensor or knee valve and finally a hand sanitiser unit. If needed, we can add boot washers or hygiene stations equipped with various brush profiles. Many of our hygiene devices are available mounted on the wall or the floor. If the walk-through time of your staff is of crucial importance, we can build a hygiene lock to serve one or more walk-through lines at the same time. The same hygiene station can be designed to function in both directions, if needed.

Walk-through time is a significant factor in designing hygiene units 

The time it takes employees to walk through a hygiene lock plays a significant role in usability and functionality. When the production area can only be accessed via the hygiene lock, the walk-through time must not be too long. People who need to use a time card don’t want to use their coffee break standing in a queue. Mesmec provides the customer with a calculation in which the time it takes to walk through the hygiene station is proportioned to the customer’s circumstances, so that the hygiene station works efficiently also during peak times.

Hygiene supervision that meets the current requirements set by law saves money both in production and personnel costs. Changes in hygiene levels resulting from employees’ personal habits can be minimised, ensuring the high quality of your products. Better hygiene also reduces the likelihood of your employees falling ill, which reduces the number of sick leave days. Supervision performed by our devices is fair and impartial and frees resources previously spent on supervision for productive work.

What kind of a solution would best serve your company? Ask us for tips on various hygiene solutions and contact us!

Janne Engman, Technical Sales Leader, Trading Services
+358 40 648 1996