BinStacker, the world’s first smart multi-level storage

BinStacker loads and unloads bins onto a multi-level structure. This setup uses a tracking system allowing you to trace your bins once stored in the structure. This smart solution helps with food safety and reduces the need for manual labour.

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BinStacker in action

The ceiling is the limit!

Fully adjustable, the automated warehouse of BinStacker can be built according to the footprint and ceiling height of your premises – maximising the use of every available square meter.

“Seeing is believing.”
– Anders Asplund, Vice President, Sales and HR at Mesmec

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Three reasons why BinStacker
will help your business

Experience multiple benefits! Improved cleaning procedures and food safety, enhanced tracking possibilities, advanced handling of storage and reduced need for manual labour. With the BinStacker, you don’t have to choose; you’ll get all of them!


Reduced need for manual labour


Holding up to 5,000 bins


Keep track anywhere

BinStacker is both designed and manufactured in Finland.

Suitable for full and empty stainless steel meat carts, dolavs and euro bins

This smart technology is battery driven and recharges itself during operation, enhancing its efficiency and keeping the whole operation smooth and reliable. The BinStacker, which holds 200 l bins, uses an ERP system and runs with a Siemens PLC system.

Industrial Storage Equipment

Improve food safety and save space with the BinStacker. With smooth operations and integrated functions like weight registration and automatic application of protective sleeves, the BinStacker makes stacking and storing a breeze.

Available features

  • modular system with up to 5,000 bins
  • number of floors according to ceiling height
  • application of the protective sleeve
  • online weight registration
  • RFID or barcode scanning
  • cleaning of wheels
  • infeed and outfeed of buffer conveyors
  • maintenance area
  • service and cleaning platforms
  • communication with client recipe (ERP) system
  • liquid storage possibilities
  • stainless steel construction (AISI304)
  • multiple options for system structure
  • high loading and unloading capacity
  • operation on multiple floors simultaneously

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Anders Asplund

Vice President, Sales, HR

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